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  • Banana Nut Bread Dark Cartel (Dark Roast)
  • Banana Nut Bread Dark Cartel (Dark Roast)

Banana Nut Bread Dark Cartel (Dark Roast)


12 Ounces of Wicked Rooster’s Banana Nut Muffin is a delicious treat that combines the flavors of high-quality Arabica coffee with the essence of perfectly ripe bananas, warm vanilla and walnuts. Our flavorings are Sugar-Free & Lactose-Free. All the flavor without the guilt!

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    Great flavor it's the one I order the most of all the time. Smooth and awesome flavor.

    Summer Thompson

    So good. Fast shipping

    Mary Davis

    The best. I have acid reflux and have a hard time drinking most coffees. My friend told me about wicked rooster and suggested i try their coffee. It is so smooth and low acidity. I order every 2 weeks now. Excellent coffee

    Cori Harrison

    I bought a bag of Caramel a few weeks ago and my daughter and i love it.

    Brian Hodge

    Really great coffee. Give them a try you will be happy you did

    Sarah Winters

    Really good. You can taste the freshness and coffee. The flavor is not overpowering

    Paul Dozard

    Great cup of coffee. Ordered 2 more bags today


    This blew me away. I really love this coffee. So fresh

    Seth Jones

    Dont get much better than this
    My favorite

    Taylor Phillips

    Great flavor and combination

    Shawn Bass

    Excellent coffee. I order every few weeks. Love the rooster

    Ann Hamilton

    Perfect roast and flavor. Not over powering

    Gina Jones


    Eric T

    I bought this on a whim. Never heard of this company before but i will tell you this they have a customer for life. So smooth and delicious

    Matty Williams

    This is the best coffee i have ever had. My favorite

    Trey shoemaker


    Omg tastes just like banana nut bread. I love it

    Eric W

    Perfectly roasted and not burnt. Super smooth

    Steve Owens

    Adrian G

    Sam trae

    Love it

    Kelly Williams

    My favorite coffee. Tried this last week and its so amazing

    Monica S.

    Soooo good 😊

    Susan Dukes

    Delicious and really wakes you up


    Wow. I will buy again for sure

    Keith W.

    Excellent roast!! Thanks

    Megan Barnes


    Scotty B



    Ok, so you saw this flavor and thought yourself, "oh, that sounds good" didn't you? Well it is even better than it sounds. Moved into my top 3 or 4 flavors immediately.


    So great, wonderful flavor profile

    L Sills

    The wonderful smell filled the kitchen and I could hardly wait for it to brew. It did not disappoint. I drink my coffee black and this was so flavorful! It didn't need any extra flavoring. It was delicious! This was our first Wicked Rooster purchase and can't wait to try every flavor! Keep doing all the good stuff!


    Another outstanding new flavor. Great profile.


    Outstanding, so smooth. No one flavor dominates the profile.


    Mudslide in medium and dark roast are my most favorite. The chocolate flavor is so smooth with acrouch of French Vanilla Creamer. I could drink this all day long.


    Out-freakin-standing!!! My new favorite. It's got the perfect coconut flavor amount. It doesn't overpower it but it's very present.

    Austin foster

    You can just taste how fresh it and it is full of flavor great job guys

    Jon Aberle

    Cynthia S

    This is my favorite coffee from Wicked Rooster. I have tried most of their flavors and this is delicious.


    I love this coffee 😻


    Haven't been disappointed yet. Absolutely love the Mudslide Dark Roast.

    Matt Morrissey

    Every new flavor I try is outstanding. Best coffee I've ever had


    I am so glad that I can buy wicked rooster coffees again! All of the coffees are amazing!




    So good no bitterness at all. not burnt just dark delicious


    If you like light roast coffee this is extremely good. Perfectly roasted

    Tim C

    Roger H

    Very good. I like that you can still taste your coffee and get a subtle taste of vanilla A+


    Bill Clark

    Great coffee. Real refreshing

    Charles P.

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